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Academix offers an arena for consultants that realize they are no longer dependent on a brand to get attractive assignments.

Academix' model lets you as a consultant take control over your time and compensation. You can work as much or little as you like with no micro-management from your consultant manager.

Academix is the company for consultants that prefer freedom, attention, speed, flexibility and low cost overhead.

Academix has only one policy: "We should not have any policies". We always strive for optimizing your freedom as a consultant.

At Academix you design your personal individual benefit package, optimized and tailored for your needs in order to maximize your professional success. 

Consultants at Academix appreciate access to unlimited vacation and competence development. 

If the above sounds reasonable please send your CV to


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"One of the reasons I work at Academix is the freedom to take a few months off to travel and follow the Championship Tour in surfing"

Mattias Hammar, software engineer / freelance photographer

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